About Us

About Us

Mr. Vikram Singh / Panchal is an Indian helicopter search and rescue expert, professional mountaineer and online mountain & Bike tripadvisor. He’s the founder and owner of this company (Helicopter Rescue Squad) He has been running this company since 2014.

Special Search & Rescue Courses.

  1. Helicopter Search & Rescue
  2. Forest and Mountain Search & Rescue
  3. Investigation Search & Rescue 
  4. First Responder Rescue & Relief

First – Aid, Red Cross – Haryana, India

Basic First – Aid Course, Advance First – Aid Course + CPR.

Education :- Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering (Uttarkashi, UK)

(BMC, AMC, SNR, MOI. ) Mountaineering Courses.

Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering W.S. (J&K)

(BSC, ISC, ASC. ) Ski Courses.

Achievements :-

  • – Kanyakumari to Leh Ladakh 4500km Solo cycling (National Record )
  • – Delhi to Kathmandu, Nepal 1140km Girls cycling expedition organizer ( National record / Asian record was set )
  • – Mt. Kilimanjaro (5,895m) Tanzania, Africa Expedition Organizer, World record was set
  • – Gold medal in 26km marathon (Bir Billing)
  • – Bronze medal in manali to leh Ladakh marathon.
  • – Manali to Kibber, KAZA ( Spiti) Trekking 210km Alt.4302mtr. Timing 20hr.
  • – 13,700km All India Bike tour.
  • – Biking on Heights battlefield in the world 14000 – 22000 ( Siachen Glacier) Two Gold Medal 

Successful National & International Mountaineering Expeditions :-

  • – Mt. Elbrus (5,642m) Russia
  • – Mt. Jonley (6042m) India
  • – Mt. Cho – Oyu (8201m) Nepal 
  • – Mt. Satopanth (7075m) India 
  • – Mt. Kilimanjaro (5,895m) Africa 
  • – Mt. Jomolhari (23996ft) Bhutan
  • – Mt. Dhaulagiri (8167m) Nepal
  • – Mt. Draupadi ka Danda DKD (18740ft.) India 
  • – Mt. CB12 (6248m) India. etc.

Cycles Expeditions

  1. Kanyakumari to Leh Ladakh 4500km Solo Cycling ( National Record )
  2. Delhi to Nepal Kathmandu ( National Record )
  3. Chandigarh to Sikkim (Bhutan Thimphu)
  4. Chandigarh to J&K Leh Ladhak
  5. Chandigarh to Odisha etc.

Bike Expedition

  1. Chandigarh – Leh ladakh – Spiti – Kanyakumari
  2. Chandigarh to Sikkim (Bhutan Thimphu)
  3. Manali – J&k- leh ladakh – Manali
  4. Manali to 7 Sister States – Northeast India
  5. Manali to Dhaka – Bangladesh
  6. Manali – Reckong Peo – Kaza (Spiti Valley)
  7. Chandigarh to Gujarat (Narmada Valley)
  8. 13,700km All India Bike tour.
  9. Biking on Heights battlefield in the world 14000 – 22000 ( Siachen Glacier)


Rescue :-

  1. Kedarnath Aapda 12 July 2013, 
  2. Everest Rescue April 2015, 16
  3. Nepal Rescue May 2015. 
  4. Everest Rescue Training – 2022
  5. Peer Ki Gali PKG3, LOC.IND. (Line of Control India, Kargil) High Altitude Transmission line (June 2016) The first International Heli rescue in Indian History.
  6. Kerala Rescue, and Assam rescue. Etc.

Camp | Workshop :- 350+ Eco friendly workshops, 700+ Adventure school camp & trips, 400+ Technical Workshop e.g. Black Diamond, Petzl, Osprey, UIAA, North Face, Red Bull India | International

Social Media ID’s. 

The Helicopter Rescue Squad was established to propagate adventure and allied activities among the youth.We, Helicopter Rescue Squad company of Indian, are the team of well experienced and equipped personnel, we offers wide variety of trips and programs like we organize treks, mountaineering, and many more activities, We have local knowledge and experiences ensure that we are the real people who are operating adventure trips and camps.Traveling with us is the very best way to get up close and personal with your nature , environment and when you travel with us, support local communities and help make the world a little bit better for everyone. Adventure travel is more than a vacation. It’s chance to get to know your world better by putting yourself on a first name basis with the people, place and things that make it worth exploring. We have grown up learning, mistakes and comments from our valuable clients so we can provide high quality trips and camps of exceptional value with no hidden extras.

Our well experienced team of local guides and sherpa’s will get you to know the real adventure of any camps an trip of India better than anyone else. Our adventure are peoples automatically connecting with local, with other travelers and with the destinations. Helicopter Rescue Squad organize outdoor camps can be great opportunity for your child to make friends and learn in exciting manner at the same time. With there experience guide and impeccable safety.

From the greenest beginner to the sharpest professional adventure travelers, we can get you where you want to go and assure you best trip. Whether you are beginner looking for an adventure in search of new challenges, we will always have something for you. We are expert in managed adventure trips of school children, family tours, other adventure seekers and expeditions peaks. Our adventure courses are constructed to bring out the best in boys and girls by challenging their physical and mental endurance and encouraging them to give their best.

Our promise to you is sharing nature – enriching lives connecting too in a meaningful and personally relevant way to the places you visit, inspiring you to be the part of the culture and lifestyle, and creating a safe-space for you to grow and gain new insight through your experiences. The driving for behind accomplishing our promise to you is a team of people passionate about adventure. The operators on our list offer experiences and itineraries of every type imaginable, but one increasingly popular category is active and adventure travel. Traveling with a comprehensive tour operator can bring any trip to the next level. Traveling let you explore new places, taste different cuisine, meet new people, etc and anything that is new is indeed exciting. The more you travel, the more experience you gather that can be cherished for a lifetime. Trip make all you experience fulfilled and memorable, people must seek the assistance of trip planner to organize that jaunts. We as a reliable adventure company, have operating as a single window solution provider for the sort of travel needs. Helicopter Rescue Squad is a registered with the government and authorized to conduct trekking and allied adventure activities to make you experience the real and true essence of Himalayas. We’re here to make your trip memorable and safe, the question left is, where do you want your next adventure to take you?

Team and Facilities

Leaders: Qualified with basic mountaineering course, advance mountaineering course, search and rescue course, MOI and each leaders basic first aid knowledge

Team: Besides trek leaders, every batch has sufficient support staff including local guides, cooks and helpers.

Food: Hygienic, energizing and majorly vegetarian food with occasional egg dishes.

Equipment: Hi-end, well maintain tents, and other equipment like climbing ropes, crampons, etc.

Emergency Equipment’s: Stretcher, oxygen cylinders and well-stocked first aid kits.