$38,089 – $120,000

Apr/May. Our Everest expeditions are custom tailored in order for you to achieve your goal. From basic support with Myrmidon oversight, all the way to a private western chef & mountain guides. We don’t sell ‘perks’ but instead put together the plan you want with the safety we know you need.

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$1,250 – $2,200 

Jul/Aug/Sep. One of the 7-summits, Mt Elbrus is a great first step  in the alpine and towards your 7-summit or explorer grand slam project. It’s also perfect as well for a ski or snowboard descent.

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$3,200 – $8,500  

Jan-Dec. Kilimanjaro is the roof of Africa. From learning Swahili from the locals, experiencing high altitude for the first time, and undergoing a week-long trek, you will be certain to remember this forever. Perfect trip for a family of all ages, especially when bundled with a Safari or fishing trip on the back-end.

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Seasonal. Have a dream to climb the highest peak on every continent? We can put together your entire project plan, from training through to execution.

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$22,000 – $87,000

Apr/May. Coinciding with our Everest expeditions, Lhotse is the better value sibling and/or great addition to Mt Everest. Let us help get you to the 4th highest peak in the world

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$13,600 – $22,000 

Jan-Dec. Also known as Puncak Jaya, this trekking & climbing adventure will bring you to West Papua and the top of Oceania.

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$5,000 – $8,000 

Dec/Jan/Feb. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas. It is a great mountain to see how your body performs at high-altitudes before committing to a major Himalayan expedition.

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$4,500 – $7,000 —Jan-Dec. Mt Kenya is one of the worlds second seven summits. Unlike it’s neighbor, Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya has leaps of more wildlife, virtually no crowds, and is a spectacular multi-pitch rock climb. Perfect for a spouse or family though, as many trekking and safari options exist with this adventure. Book your Expedition 



$8,500 – $16,000 — Oct/Nov.  One of the most iconic and beautiful mountains in the world. Ama Dablam tests your technical skill, physical fitness, as well as your mental fortitude. Considered by many to be the pinnacle of Himalayan expeditions.

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$2,200 – $8,500 — For IND.$1,500 – $5,000-Spring & Fall.  All ages, all fitness levels welcome to apply. e’ll work with you to ensure you’re ready to trek to the base of Everest. Meet incredible people, challenge yourself physically, and bring back images that you’ll share for generations. Come in the spring season and you will be able to stay in our Everest expedition basecamp setup!

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Elevation‎: ‎5,897 m (19,347 ft)

$4,500 – $10,000 — Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb. The volcanoes in South & Centeral America are some of the best international alpine climbing within a short flight to the US. Cotopaxi is one of the most popular, and a great stepping stone to larger international expeditions.

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$10,000 -$1,5000—Sep/Oct.  Everyone writes about the 8,000m peaks of the Himalayas, but don’t forget the equally impressive 7,000m peaks. Whether you want to experience a major international expedition and be challenged, or training for an 8,000m, Putha is the perfect solution for both.

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$5,000 – $15,500 —Spring & Fall.  Climb one, two, or all the 3 most popular ‘trekking’ peaks of Nepal. Don’t be confused by the term ‘trekking peak’; all stand above 6,000m. Island Peak, Mera Peak, & Lobuche Peak all require crampons and other technical alpine equipment. No experience? All great peaks to get an intro to Himalayan climbing. Book Your Expedition


Elevation: 4,374 m

$5,500 – $10,000 —Jul/Aug.  The Altai mountains are considered by some to be the most remote mountain range in the world. As you leave Ulaanbaatar, the remoteness will be evident to you. Only a few hundred meters from China and Russia, Khuiten Peak has a feeling that only several hundred people in the world can describe.Book Your Expedition


Elevation: 4,167 m

$2,500 – $9,000—Jan-Dec.  The highest point of northern Africa and the Atlas Mountains, this adventure will bring you through historical Berber villages & the markets of Marrakesh. Perfect for a trip with your family or significant other. Book Your Expedition 


$47,000 + —Jun/Jul/Aug.  The second highest mountain in the world doesn’t need much description. For serious alpine mountaineers, K2 is at the top of the list of expeditions.Book Your Expedition 


$32,000+ —Jun/Jul/Aug. Broad Peak is a phenomenal ‘first’ eight-thousand meter peak for someone. Away from the crowds and objective dangers of Manaslu and Cho Oyu, Broad Peak will bring you on an unforgettable adventure in the Karakoram. Book Your Expedition 


$5,000+ —Dec/Jan/Feb. Join us as we scout out a potential new adventure in eastern Turkey. Along the Iranian border and not far from Syria, we will venture into the unknown as we scout new territories for ski mountaineering. Never skied, what a better place to learn than on an epic adventure! Finish the trip off with exploring the Mediterranean coast for even more adventure opportunities. Book Your Trip


$6,000+ —15 Feb – 4 Mar 2019. Something our Himalayan partners have been building up to for years and we’ve been fortunate to be along for the ride, bringing the sport of skiing to the locals in Nepal with a mission of adding a winter tourism economy to the mountain communities. Whether you want to share your ski knowledge with local youth as they learn, or ski virgin terrain, this adventure is already making Nepalese history. Located in Muktinath in the Annapurna region.Book Your Trip


$13,500 – $160,000 —Jul. Fish one of the biggest cash prize tournaments in the world for Blue Marlin. The world is our fishing hole, we just need to land the largest Blue on 4th of July. We have the captains and mates, you provide the angler who is ready to cash in.Book Your Trip


$11,000+ —Varies. We are in the initial planning of putting a transocean rowing team together. We provide the boat, training, and your world-class oarsman as teammates. This is a row for a cause with proceeds supporting what we believe in (transitioning veterans, athletes, and the environment). Join us for the entire journey or just a training paddle. Welcome aboard!Book Your Trip


$7,500+ —Jan-Dec. Help us bring it back to our roots: multi adventure over a range of terrain. We are always looking at the next sea-to-summit-to-sea to conquer and would love to have someone else along so we don’t have to listen to our same stories over and over. We can find a combination that suits any fitness level, from California to the Antarctic and all points in between.Book Your Trip

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The climbing expeditions listed are some of the most popular in the world, but do not be discouraged if you’re looking for something else. We pride ourselves on being multi-activity and would be happy to bring you on world class SCUBA dives, bike trips, fishing trips, or anything else you can imagine any where any time
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